my school bag

my school bag


Winter School essentials

Hello everybody! schools back! and its rain no shine, so thats why I’ve decided to do a quick blog post on some school essentials that you will be needing this winter!







1. The first essiential you’ll be needing is of course your school bag! I purchased mine from equip for $25 and I absolutely  love the colour, and pattern of birds on the front. I also find the two front pockets especially helpful, for putting money and keys inside. A lot of people say my bag is small! but I always manage to fit everything inside!






2. The second essential you will be needing is a planner. I received mine as a present, ad its a lovely orange, with white foxes pattered all over it. The top of my planner also has a little handle, so hat it looks like a briefcase. Usually I don’t bring my planner to school, except some of the things i record in it are sport gaining times, when homework’s due, and all the random stuff like people’s birthdays.




3. The third essiential you will be needing is a purse. I received mine as a present, and its got a beautiful blue pattered background, and a magenta rabbit on the front. I absolutely love it. Usually I keep my canteen money in there, and also my house keys just in case I’m walking home.




4. My Forth essential is my lunch box. Its just a reqular purple and orange one from target. I love the colours, and there’s always lots of room for food inside.




5. My last essential  is a thermos. A thermos is perfect for the winter school term, because you can put soups and hot chocolate in there, to warm you up. I purchased mine from office works and its purple to match my lunchbox!






Thank you all for reading this and hope this has helped you choose your school essientials for this winter!